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Everything I've Been Waiting For

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"Everything I've Been Waiting For" is a collection of drawings I've made while waiting. The drawings are moments in time - sometimes very long moments, when waiting is difficult. In my drawings I'm less concerned with trying to exactly replicate a particular object, and more interested in capturing the feeling of waiting.

The pages are wirebound to look like a sketchbook.

I've Been Waiting For


The 44 ink drawings and handwritten text were scanned and converted to negatives, which I used to make photopolymer plates to print letterpress on the Vandercook #4 and #219 at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Printing the drawings with the letterpress allowed me to create the illusion that each bound book contains original ink drawings.


page from Everything I've Been Waiting For

6" x 8.5" x 1"

11" x 8/5" x .5" (open)

Limited edition size: 100



page from Everything I've Been Waiting For


In my drawings I try to capture not the exact likeness of the thing I'm waiting for, but rather the way it feels to be waiting for something in particular. I've discovered, in the process of making this book, that I do a lot of waiting.

What are you waiting for?





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