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from Pat Reuning:

I was about 8 or 9 years old when this happened. My parents love trees...fruit I could say that our house is a collection of trees...something that passes on to us from my grandmother. In our Thai culture, we believe there are tree fairy in each individual tree and that we should respect the trees. I remembered this big mango tree that was in our garden in Bangkok. It was there since I was born and me and sister and brother loved to climb up there and hang around. That mango tree had perfect strong brances that streched out from its big trunk...just perfect for us to sit on the branch and read or play.

One day I took my little doll up the tree. I put her on the branch and made a silly wish that little girl that age would do. I traded my doll with the fairy. In my mind, I asked for a gift of flowers and, in return, I would give the fairy my doll. And I did. I left the doll up there. Never told anyone about it. The next day, I went back to get the doll. On the ground were flowers, purple in color....not the kind of flowers that bloomed in our garden. I didn't know how they happened to be there. I climbed up the mango tree, the doll was gone. Now I'm 27 and married and I believe, with all my heart, I made a trade and it was a pretty magical one :)


from Karen:

When I was eleven years old my father planted a corkscrew willow tree in a depression in our family's back yard. I loved the tree partly because it was exactly the same height I was when it was planted, but also because the branches and leaves were curly, and not straight. I saw this as a reflection of my own personality. I enjoyed watching the tree grow and become taller than me. I thought the tree was beautiful, and I would talk to it. In my twenties I "met" a tree that I knew was going to die in the coming year. I stood and talked to the tree for thirty minutes or so, then I said a prayer and hugged the tree. This happened in northern Minnesota near lake Superior.


from TiBor:

Man traditionally carved hearts in trunks of trees and his and his love's initials to show his women how much he loved her. And they would create a relationship between the couple and the tree, because they would come back and visit the tree.


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