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“Synchronicity” celebrates the days when everything magically falls into place without effort. The kind of day where time feels like a friend, in that it gives you the space to do exactly what you want to do, all day long.



After cutting the linoleum blocks, Wendy Fernstrum hand-set the letter “o”, bullet points and decorative circles from a variety of metal and wood type from the drawers at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Eyeballing the pattern cut into the blocks, Fernstrum assembled one form on the press bed, where the “o” shapes approximated the same flow as the waves.

3" x 3" x 1/2"

Limited edition size: 50

Price: $55


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"Synchronicity" was printed
as a single sheet, cut into eight strips then bound using a
drum-leaf structure with
board covers.



Where the O’s in “Synchronicity” match up with the wavy flow,
it’s like a moment of pure
awareness in meditation,
a kiss from someone you adore,
the click at the moment of
solving a puzzle. You can’t plan
for it to happen. When it does,
there is no mistaking the feeling that everything is exactly
as it should be.

The waves were printed on BFK Rives from linoleum blocks. One block created the positive pattern, and the second block created the negative pattern, both using shades of blue.  







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