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Pathology of Promises Broken

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Pathology of Promises Broken - detail

This book – a sequel to "Promises Kept" – further explores the question, What happens to a promise when it's broken? As you can see from images of the book, I'm still obsessed with circles. The circular theme in "Pathology of Promises Broken" explores the tension between our desire for integrity and our failure to uphold it.

Pathology of Promises Broken

Discs, sometimes with a single letter on it, appear among the pages in three ways. Strings of discs are letterpress printed in layers using photopolymer plates made from digitized photographs. Individual discs are also letterpress printed on top of and around text. In addition, I've sewn discs onto the page, leaving loose ends of string. One could interpret these strings literally, as being "at loose ends" as the result of a broken promise, or metaphorically. The sewn discs also hint at attempts to heal brokenness.


Pathology of Promises Broken - detail

6.33" x 8.25" x .5"

12.75" x 8.25" x .25" (open)

Limited edition size: 25



Pathology of Promises Broken - detail

The book also incorporates monoprints of layered circles resembling cell structures and implying a microscopic view of a broken promise.
With "Pathology of Promises Broken" I wanted to go deeper in my exploration of broken promises, and one way I achieve this is through a pseudoscientific perspective.



Pathology of Promises Broken by Wendy Fernstrum

All 20 pages of the book were letterpress printed by Wendy Fernstrum on a Vandercook 219 at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Monoprints were made using Regula Russelle's nomadic etching press (Thank you, Regula!!)
The paper is Rives Johannot, bound using a drum leaf structure.


101 Judd Street
Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047


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