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Deluxe Edition comes in a Tupperware container with blue rubber gloves

Standard Edition is packaged in a Ziploc baggie


Household Objects

Household Objects is a mix 'n' match project with 28 cards

Each card is 5” x 4.75”. Drawings and poems by Wendy Fernstrum.

Printed in a limited edition of 500.


You don’t fool me. I see the way you eye wrinkles on my skin,
making plans even as you huff
and puff your dragon’s breath
on splayed out creases
and folds. Hotheaded, jealous,
you redirect your unrelenting venting when my attention wanders, searing allegiance into me with an angry version of a hickey. Have I never come back for more? Drawn by your heat, I marvel at your sensitivity to different materials: bossy with cotton, sly with silk. You always get your way.

Standard Edition: $25

Deluxe Edition: $40

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14 cards for the left brain: Prose poems that describe the character of the household objects I’ve drawn. I set neither the objects nor the drawings in front of me while I wrote. Instead, I thought about my relationship with the object and considered what the object represents in the household, beyond its utilitarian purpose.
Each blind contour drawing (numbered 1 through 14) corresponds with a prose poem (labeled A through N). Use both sides of your brain to match them and identify common household objects.


14 cards for the right brain: Blind contour drawings of objects ordinarily found in the home. I did not look at the pencil or paper as I drew. My eyes focused only on the contour of the object; my hand, holding a pencil, followed my gaze. When I thought
I’d drawn the entire contour, I stopped and looked at the page. I allowed no erasures or additions.
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250 Third Avenue N., Studio 312
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Copyright 2003 Wendy Fernstrum

No images or text may be reproduced
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