Saint Paul Virtual Art Crawl

I’ll be posting images of my work and a video featuring my latest artist book, “She Tore Her Clothes in Sorrow,” throughout the weekend. In addition, I’ll be interviewing artists in the building where I live and work, Lowertown Lofts Artist Cooperative, and showing artist books from my personal collection. Those events will be live-streamed throughout the weekend. 

  • Friday at 6 pm: Marla Gamble – Pastels from New Mexico
  • Friday at 7 pm: Tim Jennen and Miriam-Rachel Oxenhandler Newman – Work-in-progress graphic novel THE SAGA OF HARVEY AND SHIFRA
  • Saturday at 2 pm: Marla Gamble – Custom-designed jewelry
  • Saturday at 4 pm: Ben Krywosz – Nautilus Music-Theater and life in the lofts
  • Saturday at 6 pm: Ta-coumba Aiken – Tape paintings
  • Sunday at 1 pm: Wendy Fernstrum – Tour Through the Land of Artist Books
  • Sunday at 2 pm: Julie Ann Stevens – Paintings inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Halleluiah”
  • Sunday at 3 pm: Marla Gamble – Recent watercolors from her Minnesota sketchbooks

To watch these livestreams, go the Lowertown Lofts Artist Cooperative Facebook Events page.

Current Exhibitions

Bound/Unbound: The MCBA Artist Collective Annual Exhibition

Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Among the work of my fabulous colleagues from the Artist Collective will be my latest artist book, “She Tore Her Clothes in Sorrow.”


The Other Four

Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN
Postponed to January 2022

With rare exceptions, art objects are created to be experienced through our sense of sight. The Other Four is an exhibition that relies primarily on the nonvisual senses: touch, hearing, scent and taste. My piece in the exhibition, titled “Common Scents,” explores the connection between scents and words. At a subliminal level, scent gives us quite a bit of information. Scents, like sounds, trigger memories and emotions we thought we’d forgotten.

“Common Scents” suggests that we associates a scent with an idiom or phrase. For instance, the scent of Delicious Feelings could trigger the phrase “Good lovin’ gone bad” for a guy once married to someone who doused herself with that perfume. Could becoming more consciously aware of our sense of smell, and the information that scents bring us, enhance our common sense?

At the exhibition you are encouraged to uncork the bottles, sniff, and explore the associations that arise for you.